HOAs and Lord of the Rings: A surprising correlation

Introduction Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are non-profits responsible for maintaining the common elements in housing communities. In order to run smoothly, HOAs require active participation from board members and homeowners. Board members are responsible for managing the property and coordinating with the people who live on it. Homeowners pay their dues to cover HOA expensesContinue reading “HOAs and Lord of the Rings: A surprising correlation”

HOA dues: what they are and how they are determined

As of 2022, there are over 142 million housing units across the United States. Of these housing units, 40 million of them are a part of HOA communities. HOA communities offer unique features and are maintained by associations. To support operations and the associations’ regular expenses, homeowners are required to pay fees periodically. HOAs comeContinue reading “HOA dues: what they are and how they are determined”

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